Commercial Door Operators

RMX® Commercial Operator

This belt-driven, light-duty garage door operator offers easy installation and hassle-free operation.

RSX® Commercial Operator

This standard-duty, rolling-door commercial operator provides easy operation and superior functionality for demanding applications.

RHX® Commercial Operator

The RHX® heavy duty commercial operators from Overhead Door Corporation provide easy and reliable operation.


CDX® Commercial Operator

This counter door commercial operator provides durable and reliable operation for use in a variety of applications.


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Commercial Accessories

Auxiliary Output

Offers dry relay contacts at door limit positions, lamp output contacts and selectable ADA output to sound a horn/light.

Timer to Close Module

Provides an automatic door closing feature that is available for RMX®, RSX® and RHX® operators.

SAFETY Sensing Edge

Stops and reverses the door upon contact with an obstruction. Compatible with our X-Series commercial operators.



Universal Radio Conversion Kit with Remote. This kit is useful for customers who live near high frequency areas.


Our wireless lighted keypad features a flip up cover and lets you control up to 3 CodeDodger® garage door openers.

2 Button Wall Console

Features a light switch and vacation lock for added security.


Radio Transmitters

Radio transmitters may be one, two, three, four-button. Available for RMX®, RSX® and RHX commercial operators.

Safe-T Beams®

Photoelectric safety sensors stop or reverse the door upon obstruction. Available on RMX®, RSX®, and RHX® operators.

Reflective Photo-Eye

This photo-eye utilizes interference reduction technology that reduces interference from reflective surfaces.


Interface Module

Provides an interface between two-wire monitored sensing edges and our X-Series commercial operators.

Fire Sentinel

The Fire Sentinel® is a UL-listed, time-delay door release device that directs a fire door’s closure in an emergency situation.


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